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Find out how your suffering of Slip Disc can be reduced only with sleeping!

BVSM is a mattress or blanket health that help who had suffering with  SLIPDISC and Back Pain, in reducing their pain and have the opportunity to fully recover by using this sleepmate consistently.

Unlike other mattress or blanket health, BVSM which weighing only 1.2 kilograms, not use electricity power, easy to carry everywhere and can be used at any time, even while driving or watching television “

Slip disc

What is BVSM?

BIO VELOCITY SLEEP MATE (BVSM) is a mattress that containing Bio Velocity Technology which is combination of sun light energy and the frequency of sea salt that is stored and balanced  and injected into this super quality mattress.

BVSM very beneficial to our body, that can maintain our health, boost the immune system, blood circulation, and  increase quality of life.

Why these both energy is processed into sleepmate?

  • cell renewal occurs in deep sleep
  • BVSM help you to get the deep sleep without interruption, so that the maximum healing process occurs 
  • sleeping is the time for brain relaxing
  • night’s sleep with sleepmate will makes you cheerful and wake up happily

How BVSM Will Treat Slip Disc?

  BVSM is treatment process by Sleep Mate. It helps you get ‘deep sleep’ that so important for maximum healing process. This is because cell renewal occurs only during sleep – a deep sleep. Thus, not surprisingly, spawned many testimonials BVSM for chronic diseases, including Slip Disc.

 BVSM contains morning sunshine  waves that increase the production of melatonin which is needed to improve the quality of sleep. Melatonin is neurotrophic hormone that synthesized  by pineal gland, located in the brain. Therefore, you will be able to sleep with better quality.

  In addition, the morning sunshine also stimulates the body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium into the bones, which can help strengthen bones. With this, injuries to the spine can be treated naturally.

 BVSM contains sea salt  waves. Magnesium and potassiumy in this salt will treat the muscle injury of slip disc. Magnesium and potassium helps increase muscle strength.

In addition, the minerals contained in sea salt also good for bone treatment.

 The speciality of BVSM also lies on its ability to stimulate the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps convey messages from one place to another in the brain. Serotonin is associated with mood, sexual desire, sexual function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, and social attributes. With this, in addition to accelerating the process of healing, emotional and mental tranquility you more manageable, throughout that process. You can live a calm, cheerful and happy life.

Goog Emotion and  peaceful life is one of the major factors that contribute to the SUCCESSFUL OF TREATMENT PROCESS.

“Doctor said that my husband’s backbone was recovered and can stop therapy prosedure. I consider that this is the miracle of BVSM. Alhamdulilah.”

– Mdm Sarimah, Ampang

Research by Russian Scientist about BVSM

Research Report

  • Experimental Methods: Double-blinded test
  • Participants who took part in the experiment: 40 young people aged between 20-26 years
  • Experiments tool:
  1. Crownscopy – Analysis of human inner energy
  2. Luscher Color Test – Analysis of human color based on diagnostic of psychology and physiology
  3. Aurabook – study the human aura optical energy
  4. Blood Pressure – Blood pressure test
  5. Stange probe – hold breath test

Professor Edward Krizhanovsky

  • Obtained his Ph.D in Physics at Technical University of Saint Petersburg.
  • He graduated from the Faculty of Physics at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia in 2000.
  • He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to Telebiomet Scientific Center in Moscow and University   of Communication Technical and Informatics.

He has published more than 80 articles in scientific journals and materials for the congress, 3 books and 12 patents.

  • Research studies conducted at the Bonch – Bruevich Saint – Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Russia.
  • It was established in 1930 and ranked 64th out of 393 universities in Russia (according to the 2013 report).

Experts in biomedical diagnostic and human recovery.

Laporan Kajian BVSM 1
Bonch - Bruevich Saint - Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Russia.

Recess test with BVSM by groups in 30 minutes

A – Correctly informed that they use BVSM

B – Falsely informed that they use BVSM

C – Informed that they not use BVSM but in fact they use BVSM

D – Correctly informed that they not use BVSM

Sedang menggunakan BVSM
Using BVSM
Sedang menggunakan tilam biasa
Using normal mattress


Changes in human conditions which occurred after the study using BVSM for 30 minutes

Perubahan tenaga sebelum
Perubahan tenaga selepas

1) The study found that a significant increase in energy levels after using the BVSM.

Keseimbangan tenaga sebelum
Keseimbangan tenaga selepas

2) The study found that the human energy balance is better and stable after using the BVSM.


After use BVSM for 30 minutes, it was found that;

 Human inner energy situation is more stable

 Maintain a balance of Human inner energy

Increase energy levels significantly

 Reduce the deficit of energy dependence for the body oxygen supply 

Report by Prof Edward

After using BVSM for a week;

“I sleep well. Better than before. The pain reduced and can perfome solat better now.”

– Chu Ali, Kemaman, Terengganu

Benefits of BVSM

♦ BVSM is the first of its kind in the world. No more mattress that is capable of treating only through sleep, light and can be carried anywhere. The treatment process is very easy and safe.

♦ BVSM injected by the waves of sea salt. There are many benefits of sea salt, including:

  1. In Islam and alternative medicine, sea salt used to pull or remove the negative elements of the body. Therefore, with the BVSM, your life is more relaxed and happy without interruption by mystical things.
  2. Sea salt also helps control blood sugar in the blood. This can prevent you from being attacked by diabetes.
  3. Sea salt contains magnesium and potassium. This helps increase muscle strength and prevent muscle strain and cramps. So your life more active and cheerful.
  4. Sea salt is also rich in mineral content. This allows for bone health maintained, because the adequacy of the mineral in the body causes the body to not have to take a mineral in bone. This can prevent a variety of bone diseases such as osteoporisis.
  5. Sea salt is an element that can neutralize the body’s balance system. It can control the levels of blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, heart health will maintaine. Insyaallah.
  6. It removes toxic substances, acids or toxins in the blood and the human body. This makes the body’s pH balance, and body cells reserved. Therefore, diseases caused by pH imbalance such as gastritis, migraine and others can be prevented and treated.

♦ BVSM harnessed by the early morning sunshine. Among the benefits of this sunshine:

  1. Stimulates the body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium into the bones, which can help prevent osteoporosis and fracture. In addition, research shows that those with adequate levels of vitamin D are less likely to get cancer. Thus, the production of vitamin D strengthens bones and prevents you from cancer.
  2. Sun light can stimulate the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps convey messages from one place to another in the brain. The effect of serotonin is associated with mood, sexual desire, sexual function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, and social attributes. Serotonin also affect the feelings of love. According to the study, people with lower serotonin activity has feelings of affection are not as good as people who have normal serotonin activity. Therefore, your mood is more manageable, and also more regular daily activities.
  3. Sun light one of the factors causing the release of endorphins in the brain occurs. The endorphins that act as natural anti-depressant and is very useful for the case of seasonal depression, thus inducing a feeling unwell. It can fight and reduce depression and increase a sense of peace and happiness within yourself.
  4. Sun light increases or blood circulation by dilating blood vessels in the skin, thus bringing more nutrients and oxygen to cells. It also keeps the heart healthy by lowering heart rate and high blood pressure.
  5. Sun light supports the immune system, because when irradiated body will produce more white blood cells that help fend off infections and other diseases produced by bacteria, fungi or viruses.
  6. Sun light increases the production of melatonin which is needed to improve the quality of sleep.Melatonin is a hormone that is synthesized neurotrophic by the pineal gland, located in the brain.Therefore, you will be able to sleep better quality.

Dr. Shigeo said, if someone is thinking positive and happy, your brain releases a hormone Beta-Endorphin. Interestingly, according to his research, this happiness hormone strengthen the immune system, keep brain cells young, fight aging, reduce aggressiveness in human relationships, enhance vigor, resilience, and creativity

♦ BVSM study was made at the international level, in top university, by experts in the field of biomedical diagnostic and rehabilitating people. The study has been recognized and published in the Open Journal of Ecology. Therefore, you can use the BVSM safely and confidently.

♦ BVSM is treatment process by Sleep Mate. It helps you get ‘deep sleep’ that so important for maximum healing process. This is because cell renewal occurs only during sleep – a deep sleep. Thus, not surprisingly, spawned many testimonials BVSM for chronic diseases.

♦ BVSM in Queen size. This large size allows users to share BVSM with husband/wife and family. Its very useful and saving.

♦ BVSM only 1.2kg. This allows the BVSM taken anywhere and can be used at any time.

♦ BVSM does not use electricity. More saving and no risks.

After using BVSM for a week;

“Before using BVSM, my right leg cannot move by itself. Now, I can walk without any assistance, and faster than before. I agree that BVSM is important for Slip Disc patients. “

– En. Shahrim, Seri Iskandar, Perak

What is Slip Disc?

Slipped Disc is a term used in the medical world against the common injuries to the spine. In short, ‘Slipped Disc’ means the disc in the spine is bulging or slipped out suppressing the nerves in the spinal cord. Beside, these symptoms are also called herniated disc, ruptured disc or PID (intervetebral Prolapsed Disc).

Pelbagai Masalah berkaitan disc
Keadaan disc yang terbonjol

Disc refers to the shock-absorbing pads between the vertebrae of the spine. It is not sliding in fact, just might move, budge or break. This causes the disk of cartilage and tissue near the leak (hernia) and content such as gel in it out into the surrounding tissue. There are triggered pressure on the spinal cord or other nerves adjacent to, the cause of the symptoms of ‘Slip Disc’.


How did Slip Disc Can Happen?

  • The aging process is one of the causes of Slip Disc where the ligament that holds the disc become weak and if there is the slightest pressure or twisted, it can cause the rupture disc gel.
  • Accident
  • Daily activities that are conducted in the wrong way could also contribute to the risk of slip disc include:
  1. Leaning too long
  2. Lifting the Burden
  3. Lift weights the wrong way
  4. Sit or lie down in a wrong body posture
  5. For sports related injuries (eg lifting weights at the gym)

BVSM is Alternative Treatment for Slip Disc Apart Of Surgery. Why Must Trying BVSM?

MRI done and the result shows that there had a problem wuth my spine! I’m weird because I feel the pain in the feet, not on the spine. Apparently my spine out sketches of her position and overlap my nerves. That’s why I feel the pain! Doctor recommended the operation and I just agreed.

Now I’m ok, just could not lift heavy objects. Pain is gone, but there is another side effect until now. I’m still  in numb legs, after pricked by painkiller. I have numbed butt too!

Among the side effects, I also can’t defecate normally. I only can defecate after take the medicines. And I also can’t walk properly like before because of numb on my left leg.

– silantra_gurlz

I am a private sector employees who were 50 years old. I have been suffering from slipped disc in early 2009, in which fusion surgery has been performed. Doctors have put some iron pieces and screws intended to stabilize the spine. My health improved at the beginning 5 months after surgery.

Unfortunately steel in my spine which infected a second surgery had to be done in 2010, to reproduce the iron. Since the second surgery that my health status declining. Pain in the back of my waist and comes back even worse than before.

I can not stand or sit for long. So they are sick if walk. At the back also feels throbbing pain when I want to wake up from sleep or when sitting for long. Pain felt in the back of the thigh and calf. My movements slowed as pain. I walk with a cane for fear of falling. At night I struggled to get a good night’s sleep.

Orthopedic doctor who treated me had run out of ideas. Many drug and physiotherapy treatments have been tried, but I am still in the same pain. In fact, I’ve been spending a lot of money for the purpose of alternative medicine that I need not mention one by one here. Performance of work as a technician in the field has been badly affected. The employer advised me to make a medical board to suspend work .I am worried because my 3 children are still in school.

You are not alone suffering from chronic pain are endless after undergoing spinal surgery.

Your condition known as spinal surgery  failure syndrome (failed back surgery syndrome) which is valid after 3 or 6 months after surgery.

The incidence of this complication is between 10-40% of all cases of spinal surgery.

– Dr. Nizar

BVSM Cost?

BVSM is created using the latest technology by 20 years of study scientists Korea. The only treatment of its kind, containing a combination of morning sunshine waves and sea salt in a very much impact on health. It has also made research and has a record of its own, which is of course not CHEAP ..

It very easy to use. Just sleep or use as a blanket and can be used safely to 5 years.

How fast the impact? From the experience of many slip disc users before, the impact will be felt as early as 1-7 days. Proven!

How much for a mattress that you are willing to buy, that can recover your slip disc pain?

USD700? USD800??

What about medical costs you had to pay for the treatment of slip disc which if left it become worse?

It not cheap right? 3 days in a private hospital at approximately USD700 – USD800 right?

Don’t worry..


BVSM costs not USD9000

Not USD4000

In fact, it costs less than USD1500

Cost for 1 BVSM


How to Purchase & Payment:

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Fill in your complete details, especially your address and contact number to facilitate the courier process.


Beside Slip Disc, BVSM also capable of treating other chronic pain, especially involving nerves

Sarjan Tarmizi
Sergeant Tirmizi suffered paralysis from the waist down after an accident. Confirmed as permanent disability. He is now able to walk again after the 25th day of therapy with BVSM.
Sarjan Tarmizi
Sarjan Tarmizi
Paralyzed Because of Accident
Stress dan Insomnia
Puan Jamilah had depression and insomnia for 3 years after her husband died. She was driving in an unconscious to Terengganu and deported by the police patrol. The first night with BVSM therapy, she sleeps well and now becoming more cheerful.
Cikgu Jamilah
Cikgu Jamilah binti Mohd Dina
Haji Haron failed to get up and walk since 1 year ago. This is due to a knee joint pain (plus body size). Beside, he always felt tired and swollen feet. The results of the doctor's diagnosis showed that he had a chronic heart failure and juicy lung complications, also a serious knee arthritis. After using BVSM for 3 days, he could stand without support and walk 20 meters without support. The knee joint and the foot becomes stronger and lighter body and energetic.
Hj Haron
Haji Harun bin Noh
Paralyzed because of Chronic Heart Failure
Puan Latifah asthma since the age of a child (over 40 years). She has difficulty breathing, coughing and more phlegm, difficulty speaking, dizziness and movement is always slower and less stable. Every day she must rely on an inhaler was at least 2 times. After a week of using the BVSM, she experienced vomiting, dizziness and nausea. Out mucus from sputum. Overnight sleep and the next day she did not take 'inhaler' anymore. Now her conversation is getting smooth and louder.
Puan Latifah
Puan Latifah
Kecacatan Otot
Kecacatan Otot
After the birth, he just cried after 42 minutes. He got a fever and was admitted to the ICU ward. Within 6 months, still so weak and unable to move. The doctor confirmed that he was suffering from neuromuscular defects. Among the conditions that passed - can not turn to lie down and crawl, body movement is very weak. Pronunciation of words is unclear. Up to the age of 3 years still can not stand. After a week of using the BVSM, he already can move strongly. Able to speak more clearly and can crawl, sit and have been able to stand.
Muhammad Darwisyh Firdaus
Cerebral Palsy
Dysmenorrhea worsens after giving birth to her second child. During menstruation, touched painkiller high doses for 5 days. A high risk of cancer. Also suffering from back pain due to this problem. After using the BVSM, this problem is gone.
Enthra Maniam
Senggugut (Adenomyosis)
Mdm Rosnah was detained at the ICU for 1 month due to a stroke. Her right leg could not move and had to use the support legs. With BVSM therapy, she is now able to stand and walk without aids. Her eyesight also improved and is no longer using spectacles
Rosnah bte Haji Mohd Saad
Mrs. Rima suffered a serious migraine since 11 years ago. Sometimes, she has beats her head against the wall to get rid of the pain. With BVSM therapy, she recovered within 5 days. Until now, she did not suffer from severe migraines again.
Puan Rima
Puan Rima
Severe Migraines
Nur sister Adelia experienced a problem with the eye muscles (ptosis) right from birth. This problem is caused she got slanting eye on her right eye. Doctors can not recommend any treatment until she become adult (surgery). With BVDM therapy, her muscles become stronger and eyes open as normal babies after the 2nd day.
Nur Adelia Qysara

How To Use BVSM

Open BVSM on a mattress and insert four elastic straps on each corner of the mattress. Can also be used as a blanket.

How To Wash BVSM

  • Wash only in places exposed to dirt without using so much water.
  • Drying in the morning sunshine only.

      * Washer Recommended: Beautiful Natural Premium Wash

Get BVSM Now! Get back your family's happiness..


How to Purchase & Payment:

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You will make the payment via Pay Pal.

Fill in your complete details, especially your address and contact number to facilitate the courier process.


I wish BVSM will bring the NEW HOPE in your life!



♦ Hanani Sulaiman

♦ Malaysia


“The best of mankind is that helpful to others” – Al-Hadith,


"The Main Factor of Good Health Is Perfect Sleep Quality "